Celebrate National Publicist Day™


It’s the one day out of the year that is not about our clients but about us. So how would you like to celebrate?

ways to celebrate

Toot your own horn!

Use #NationalPublicistDay

Toot your own horn on social media! PRoud of what you or your firm does? We all want to know about it. Post on social media about you and use the hashtag #NationalPublicistDay so we can all show our support.

Support a publicist!


Not a publicist but know of a good one? Friends with a publicist? Work with a publicist? Put them on blast on social media too. Be sure to also use the hashtag #NationalPublicistDay so we can “like” them too.

Show Your Support

Follow us on IG

Want to just show your support? Well, there’s a meme for that. Follow us on IG @nationalpublicistday and use any of our approved graphics on our page.

Host an Official Event

Contact Us

We get it. It’s a day for us and it’s time to put the PR in party. Host an official National Publicist Day event in your area! Get together with other PR professionals in your area because we’re a movement by ourselves, but we are a force when we network together.

Host an Event in Your Area

If you want to host an official National Publicist Day™ event in your area, please Contact Us. We are working on putting together an event package for future events so everyone can have the same benefits. Plus, we would promote your event on our website and social media pages.


We would love to hear from you and keep you in the loop, so please feel free to contact us so we can stay in touch and collaborate.