Celebrate National Publicist Day™


It’s the one day out of the year that is not about our clients but about us. So how would you like to celebrate?

ways to celebrate

PRomote Yourself!

Use #NationalPublicistDay

Today it’s all about the publicists behind the brands. Show and tell us about your PR accomplishments. If you’re PRoud of you and your team, post it on social media and use the #NationalPublicistDay hashtag so we can all show our support. We’re all PRoud of you!

Support a publicist!


Be a PR Cheerleader – You may not be a publicist, but you can sit with us. If you’re friends with a publicist, a client of a great PR firm, or just know a publicist, hype them up on social media so they can get recognized. Tag them and use the #NationalPublicistDay hashtag. They’ll love the love.

Show Your Support

Follow us on IG

Want to just show your support? Well, there’s a meme for that. We have a new meme for each year we celebrate. Help us spread awareness of the day! Follow us on IG (@nationalpublicistday) and feel free to use any of our graphics on our page. Or you can make your own (sans our logo) and use the #NationalPublicistDay hashtag.

Host an Official Event

Contact Us

It’s a day for us and it’s time to put the PR in party. Host an official National Publicist Day event in your area! Get together with other PR professionals in your area because we’re a movement by ourselves, but we are a force when we network together.

Host an Event in Your Area

Looking to host an official National Publicist Day™ event in your area? Great! please Contact Us  as we are putting together event packages so everyone can have a little NPD celebrating with them. Feel free to contact us for use of our logo and materials. Plus, we would love to promote your event on our calendar, social media pages, and subscriber list.


We would love to hear from you and keep you in the loop, so please feel free to contact us so we can stay in touch and collaborate!